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Dances Taught and Led by

Mark Judkins Helpsmeet and Sandra Alethia Helpsmeet

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Our Vision

Endless Pathways Danceshops is inspired by a vision of the healing potential of dancing together. We believe that people of all ages and abilities can experience a joy, peace and sense of community through dance participation that cannot be had as a spectator.

We believe that dancing in the shoes of others the world around and throughout the ages can open us to ever widening circles of unity and bring an awareness to our connection to the Source of Life

Folk Dance :: ▵ top ▵

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Drawing on folk traditions from around the world, folkdance is rich with cross cultural understanding, heart to heart human sharing, and joyous expression. A danceshop of folkdance can be tailored to a variety of ages and abilities. It may focus on one area of the world, or it may be a truly international experience.

Groups have used folk dance as part of celebrations, parties, school events or programs, peace or cultural diversity workshops, conferences, and retreats. Folkdance can also be combined with meditative circle dance in a variety of ways.

We would be happy to talk with you about how folkdance may fit with your program.

Let's Dance the World Together!

Meditative Circle Dance :: ▵ top ▵

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Drawing from many spiritual traditions, meditative circle dancing can be done by all ages, and by both specially focused groups and by mixed groups. It can be interspersed with folkdances, form a set of its own, or stand on its own as a program.

Meditative circle dance is a helpful addition to prayer or meditation practice, works well as an intro-duction to worship or as a part of worship, helps create deeper unity in groups, and can be a part of, or form the core of, an all-day retreat of prayer, meditation, healing, or celebration. Groups have used meditative circle dance for seasonal celebrations, community building, deepening worship, marking transitions, and inviting healing.

We are available to talk with you about how meditative circle dance may match your group's needs or purpose.

About Us :: ▵ top ▵

Mark Judkins Helpsmeet has taught folk dance since 1982. He is in demand as a teacher because of his infectious, positive spirit and affirming style. He is the founder of The Friendly Folk-Dancers, a Quaker touring group teaching folkdance and bringing joy to Quaker meetings around the world. Mark clearly communicates his belief in the unity of all peoples in his dancing.

Alethia Sandra Helpsmeet refers to herself as a "reformed clumsy person" and knows personally the transforming power of dance. She has now been teaching folkdance and meditative circle dance since 1990. She also teaches yoga, and meditation and awareness through breath and movement. Alethia Sandra affirms the relatedness and sacredness of all Life in her teaching.

Together and separately Mark and Alethia Sandra have led dance-shops for weddings, parties, nursing homes, schools, children's groups, family camps, churches, retreats, and focus groups.